18 December 2011


When dressing for cold winter days, it can seem impossible to pile on the heavy layers without looking overwhelming and frumpy. But you can master the art of the bundle and look long, lean, and chic with just a few simple tricks:
  • Save the 'boyfriend' jeans for spring. Stick with slim fitted pants, and if you're more voluptuous on top, balance out your figure with a slight flare.
  • If you're vertically challenged, try boots with a heel or wedge to elongate the body.
  • Instead of piling on too many thin layers, invest in sweaters and coats made of 100% wool.
  • Avoid a bulky look by layering tops that vary in length. 
  • Cinch your sweater at the waist.
  • Black is always slimming. Monochromatic outfits can have the same effect.

images via elle. stockholmstreetstyle. 5inandup. various

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