28 September 2010

"Jackie Kennedy would not have cameltoe." - Tim Gunn [Project Runway]

So classic. I love him!

24 September 2010

Stylish Mamas

One of my greatest pet peeves is women who let themselves go after having a child, and then use that child as their excuse to constantly dress down. I've always found this to be a poor justification because having a child is a gift not a burden, and personal style is not something that should be lost just because you've become a mom. There is no reason to sacrifice womanhood for motherhood, because you can have both. Personal style is something that should shine through you everyday, whether you're wearing your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers, or a classy dress and heels. You can transform an everyday playground outfit into something so much more sophisticated just by adding a few finishing touches like some bracelets, a watch, a fedora, and a great bag. A woman should want to look and feel beautiful not only for her partner, or the world, but most importantly for herself.
Here are some stylish celebrity moms that are always the envy of the playground...
Gwen Stefani
Heidi Klum

Jessica Alba
Nicole Richie

22 September 2010

"Thanks Grandma!"

Remember those ghastly reindeer sweaters from grandma we used to pretend we loved on Christmas morning? Well, they're baaaaack... but this time that reindeer jacquard print has morphed it's way onto the runway and into some interesting new silhouettes. It made quite a splash on Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2010 runway in the form of sweaters, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, scarves, and even boots...

I noticed that ZARA never fails to have some similar and more budget conscious options...

And I love how Veronica Beard worked her D&G scarf into this outfit for the September issue of VOGUE (not to mention those amazing $1100 Burberry boots that will torment my life until they're mine!)...

Maybe I'll get lucky this Christmas and score some reindeer gear, and please please please those boots! :)

images via style.com, zara.com, vogue.com

20 September 2010

BOOT-ylicious II (Boots for the Boys)

I realize this blog is, for the most part, directed towards a female audience BUT every boy could use a push in the fashionable direction as well. There's nothing sexier on a man (other than a tux, of course) than a blazer, scarf, and jeans tucked into a great pair of boots...

Banana Republic Fall 2010 RTW

So to follow up on my latest blog on ALDO boots, here are some of my picks for the boys...

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images via style.com, aldoshoes.com


Boot season has arrived and I can finally indulge in my boot fetish without getting those "why are you wearing boots in 70 degree weather?" glares from completely unfashionable strangers. If you're looking for some chic autumn footwear, check out some of the new arrivals at ALDO for their latest trends...

Shop now at www.aldoshoes.com

17 September 2010

FALL in love with ZARA

I have been obsessed with ZARA ever since my first fashion job with them in 2006. Their collections are always so on-point with today's trends, with new pieces making their way into stores weekly. The quality is always excellent, and most importantly it's affordable! Their new and improved website, which debuted earlier this month, now let's you shop online from the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and Portugal. Hmmmm.. yet another plus to residing in Europe :)

Here are some of my favorite fall must-haves [military-inspired jackets and boots, camel/olive hues, fur vests, boyfriend trousers, and leopard accessories]... in ZARA stores now!

images via www.zara.com

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16 September 2010


i <3 marc jacobs & orange
[marc by marc jacobs] spring 2011 RTW 

*recreate look #3 for less with...

[french connection] jumpsuit

[steve madden] wedges

[magid] rope tote

images via style.comasosstevemaddenendlessmac

15 September 2010

currently obsessed with..

[person] rachel zoe

a blogger welcome to myself..

ob.ses.sive [uh b-ses-siv]
excessive often to an unreasonable degree.

com.pul.sive [kuh m-puhl-siv]
irresistible, persistent, impulse to act on.

style [stahyl]
a distinctive manner of expression; done with ease, beauty, and grace.

welcome to my blog.. let's see how this goes :)