22 September 2010

"Thanks Grandma!"

Remember those ghastly reindeer sweaters from grandma we used to pretend we loved on Christmas morning? Well, they're baaaaack... but this time that reindeer jacquard print has morphed it's way onto the runway and into some interesting new silhouettes. It made quite a splash on Dolce & Gabbana's Fall 2010 runway in the form of sweaters, dresses, skirts, shorts, jumpsuits, scarves, and even boots...

I noticed that ZARA never fails to have some similar and more budget conscious options...

And I love how Veronica Beard worked her D&G scarf into this outfit for the September issue of VOGUE (not to mention those amazing $1100 Burberry boots that will torment my life until they're mine!)...

Maybe I'll get lucky this Christmas and score some reindeer gear, and please please please those boots! :)

images via style.com, zara.com, vogue.com


  1. ha ha---love your note about Grandma!! and it is true, Zara always has our back!!

  2. thanks lacee :) i am loving your t-shirts.. and write ups in Elle Girl and Nylon?! very cool! :D