31 October 2010

Runway Rationale

So I finally caught the season finale of Project Runway...
While I personally found all the designers this season to be underwhelming in comparison to past seasons, I definitely think the 3 with the most potential had a fair chance at Fashion Week, and the best man won.

Andy has some real potential but was a real disappointment. His challenge pieces were so much more innovative than his finale collection. I personally wouldn't want to wear anything from this collection:

I was starting to route for Mondo in a couple of episodes, but he really needs to take it down one notch if he wants to be taken seriously in the industry. He may be a master of mixing prints but there comes a point where it's just too much and just not wearable. These were my two favorite looks:
And finally the winner, Gretchen, who started this season off on top, but then lost her edge for a while. After finally setting her ego aside and taking some suggestions, she pulled through in the end and I was impressed with her transition. These are my top picks from her collection, which I could totally see me wearing:

And I soooo want her jewelry and hats!

And just one final comment. Who the hell decided to make Jessica Simpson a guest judge?! She is not a style icon in any way, shape, or form!!

***Oh and I realize I've been MIA for a bit, but midterms and life have gotten the best of me. 
But I'm back now and have some cool new posts coming your way soon! ♥

images via www.mylifetime.com

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